Scottsdale Gastroenterology

About Scottsdale Gastroenterology Associates

    Scottsdale Gastroenterology Associates is a new practice, established by Dr Janet Reiser in the fall of 2012 and opening in January 2013. We are located in Downtown Scottsdale and serve at Scottsdale Osborn and Shea hospitals. 
   Our goal is to provide expert, thorough and compassionate care. Sometimes it is better to subtract a medication than add a new one. We try to avoid "therapeutic excess." Obviously though, many medical conditions warrant medical therapies, and some warrant powerful medications, such as those for inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune hepatitis and also hepatitis C.
  Services offered include consultations and treatment, and endoscopic procedures. Consultations are offered for a wide variety of GI disorders and concerns. Also we emphasize getting healthy and sometimes the concern may be about how to optimize health, rather than to specifically address a problem. Womens' issues in Gastroenterology are an area of interest.
    Procedures done include upper endoscopy, dilatation of the esophagus,colonoscopy, removal of polyps (polypectomy) and colon biopsies as needed. In hospital procedures for acute GI problems/hospitalizations  are also performed.
   Direct access colonoscopy is sometimes offered. If you are in good health and due for colonoscopy screening this can be scheduled directly, without an office appointment. You will need to fill out a health form so that it can be reviewed, but an office visit first will not be necessary unless there are medical concerns.
Of course, if you feel more comfortable coming into the office first to discuss the procedure, you can certainly make an appointment.

We do charge a 25 dollar cancellation fee if you do not notify us of your need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.  
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